Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Year... Same Earth

New year, new me... the phrase we all say as we are trying to come up with an even better resolution than the last year.  One year its to loose weight, the next is about being organized, the list goes on and on.  Most of them you are only able to finish about one week until you run out of motivation.  That's fine - I've been there too.  This year however, I have made a different type of resolution.  I can't afford to give up on this one - because our future is at stake.  My resolution is to save our planet.
Earth in a Pristine State

Of course this isn't a new idea - one of the reasons I created my blog was to do just that.  However, I think that this new year shouldn't be about myself.  The world doesn't revolve around me, or you, or any human for that matter.  So, instead of losing that 10 pounds that no one will really notice anyways, why not focus my efforts on making the world a better place for others?  Finish the year with the reward of knowing you have done the right thing for yourself and for others.

I am not saying that new year's resolutions are worthless, I just feel that this year is yet another year we can't get back.  If we are to make a difference in how the world is being polluted, in how people are being treated, and how we care about the future of all animal species - THIS IS THE YEAR!  After 2016 its going to be even later and later, and soon enough it will be too late to turn back.

There are so Many Paths You Can Choose
There are so many paths you can take to improve yourself in the following years, but first you need a place to live if you want to make changes at all.  So lets pledge 2016 to the Earth, to give back, to renew something that we have forgotten about for so long.  There is a million different ways that we can change as humans, lets not make it the planet we live on.

If you are interested in specific ways to improve the Earth and to make a responsibility pledge, please read my article:  10 Topics You Must Cover on Your Responsibility Pledge I wish you all a happy new year! And don't worry if you have already given up on your new years resolution - its never to late to copy mine.  

Let's make 2016 - a year the Earth will remember.

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