Friday, January 29, 2016

Are you Hard Core?

What do you think of as hard core?  Bruce Willis?  The Borne Ultimatum?  007?  Not in my books!  If you want to be hard core you have the chance to do so today! No need for motorcycles, guns, or spy devices! Just an apple, a camera, and a simple Facebook post.

This simple action can make a huge difference in a starving child's life and spreads awareness throughout your community about the reality of food waste.  In the new Hard Core Challenge that I have created one must eat an entire apple - including the core, on camera and then nominate 3 friends to do the same.  If they are able to eat the whole core they become part of the Hard Core Club and can nominate 3 more friends - if not they must donate to the Hard Core Club's Action Against Hunger Page which uses the money to send food to starving children.  If you are constantly wasting food like this its the least you could do.

About 1/3 of the apple goes wasted when you toss out the core - that's the same amount of food that is edible that gets thrown out before anyone has a chance to eat it.  Most of this food is just deemed "ugly" or "unusual" so it never even makes it to the supermarket shelves - which is a shame.  Its the same with the simple apple core; there is no reason not to eat it - so why do we throw it out? It looks weird?

If we can spread this awareness to our communities and help those who are starving from lack of food - we will be making a huge change.  So, I want to challenge you to be HARD CORE!  I want to see what you can do to make a difference in your community.  Film yourself, nominate some friends, and see how far your reach can expand.  If you decide to take me up on the challenge please post this note on the bottom of your video so people will know where to donate:

"You have been nominated for the Hard Core Club Challenge! To fight food waste and hunger you have 24 hours to film yourself eating an apple core.  If you fail you must donate to Action Against Hunger here:  Thank you very much for your participation!  --The Hard Core Club (Les Roches Green Club)"

I look forward to seeing all of your videos - and take a look at mine! Lets see how Hard Core this Earth can be!


  1. Rachel I'd eat it all for your Hard Core challenge but.... The seeds would do harm to my Diverticulitis! Sorry dear!

    1. Hi Nora - thank you very much for your support! Don't worry though - if you can't complete the challenge you can still donate to our Action Against Hunger Fundraising page: I hope you can still enjoy the challenge!