Thursday, February 25, 2016

Don't go green, grow green!

Have you been having a hard time finding ways to be sustainable?  The triple bottom line is difficult in the area you live?  Why not go green by growing green?

Recently I've been struggling finding ways to be sustainable here in Switzerland as the government already imposes a lot of rules and regulations which help already keep the area green.  However, I wanted to make an extra impact on the environment.  I decided to start my own herb garden.  This reduces the need to buy groceries from the store which are imported and aren't necessarily organic.  Although this is a small effort, it can make a large difference on the environment if many people join in - plus it's better for your health!  Its super simple and I want to show you how my garden is doing!

First, all you need is a good herb soil.  Something that can drain water well is the best.  Then you need a pot to plant the seeds in.  Be careful if you are starting with seeds outside because it makes a large difference what month you plant them in.  Indoors as it stays warm and is much more controlled it is less important, but make sure the plants get a lot of sun.  Also, make sure to water frequently.  You don't want your plants soggy, but just enough water to keep the soil constantly moist is the best for rapid plant growth.

For a watering can, I repurposed my empty soda bottle and put holes in the cap so that when I water the plant there isn't too much pressure coming down and its just drops.  After about 5 days my chives are already sprouting and my cherry tomatoes are well on their way!  After they start growing, you will have part of nature just for yourself.

I will keep you updated on my small apartment garden, and let me see yours!  Happy growing!

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