Monday, November 2, 2015

Corporate Diversity - the Key to Good Business?

Lanzhou, China
I am inspired to write this post because I am lucky enough to work and go to school in a place where almost no one is the same nationality as me - and even if they are, they come from the other side of the country.  I for one would never give up the opportunity to work with such a diverse and international group of people, and one of the main reasons is that it leads to better business practices.  I want to list some of the reasons I think diversity plays a large role in effective business practice as well as social responsibility.
Boston, MA, USA
Corporate Culture Unfortunately this day and age many companies force their staff to adhere strictly to their culture instead of allowing an international culture to thrive.  It is within this international and diverse corporate culture that everyone is able to be included instead of some feeling left out or changed into the mold their boss wants them to become.  This sort of international culture can teach about the different cultures of the clients but also opens up a pathway for others to understand different backgrounds.  Not only will this enhance customer service, but it will enhance the relationship between colleagues at work as they grow to understand each other and embrace their differences.

Open Mindedness - Truly open minded people are few and far between, and there always seem to be biases no matter how much you teach people to be accepting.  I have gotten into many saddening discussions where people have unfortunately denounced an entire group of people just because they have had one bad experience.  Diversity would stop this nonsense because if there are or were any biases or social misconceptions about a certain group of people, working along side them would make everyone in the office realize that in the end everyone is human and even though we are all different; that is what makes us unique.  I think there are many places that could use a little more work place diversity just for this reason.
Sierre, Switzerland

Expanded Market Reach- International workers speak many languages and can serve customers much farther away than just your city or country. Also they would have the ability to reach untapped markets within your own community filled with many different minorities.

Paris, France

Learning Opportunities -  Forget about going to another country to learn about different people and different ways of life - you can learn directly in your own company.  One of the greatest lessons you can learn by being exposed to other cultures is that you can open up to many different solutions to solving problems.  Your own culture doesn't have to dictate the way you solve problems anymore, you open yourself up to many different opportunities due to this.

Globalization -  Overall, the world is becoming more and more globalized, it's inevitable that diversity is going to play a role in your company.  This new globalization trend is going to change not only how companies operate but it will change the world culture - so why not be ready ahead of time?

In conclusion, I think diversity is probably one of the largest keys to doing good business.  Not only will it improve working life and understanding but it is socially responsible as well.  Maybe not all diversity programs are able to accomplish what they are supposed to achieve these days, but if we work harder especially in the service industry I am sure that a global change would be readily welcomed.

Istanbul, Turkey

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