Wednesday, March 25, 2015

One Man...

How would you define humanity if all it contained was one man?  What would this one man's power become?

Be conscientious of our precious world - and make a difference!
The reality is that one man alone cannot do much for the world - but luckily for us in 2015 there are 7 billion people on this earth that can be inspired by just one man to make a change.  This is what I want you as a reader to realize - that with your solitary action to make a change that you will inspire others to make a difference.  It might be a slow process, maybe only one person joins for years but in the end if you have just one follower that means already you have the power of 2 just by one action and support.

This blog is meant for those of us who are wishing to make a difference by creating personal social responsibility plans. Our solitary actions can influence others to make the same sort of change.  It doesn't even need to be radical, just a small change such as reducing food waste.  Each step we take the world is thanking us.

I know it is hard in the modern day to be conscientiousness of the world, its people, and the way we work together ... but if there is one thing that is important for the future of man its that we need to learn to be more conscientious of these types of decisions we make.  In this blog we will start small and move forward as we learn more together.

This will be the catalyst for our change in responsible behaviors.  I look forward to writing more posts on this subject and feel free to message me if you have any articles you would like to see.

Wishing everyone the best in our new socially responsible endeavor,

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